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[In the morning, a boy luxuriates on the grass, turning the pages of a book at a rapid-fire rate, devouring it like a piece of birthday cake.

After the noon hour, he’s on the mountain near the bath house, listening for Kipinn.

Around three o’clock, he’s at the docks, in your boat, pretending to have adventures. He can’t make it as far out as the Britannia, unfortunately, because he’s too small to sail the quarterboat out by himself. He still casts some longing looks at it.

In the evening, he suddenly learns what day it is. That’s enough to deflate him some. Solemnly, he speaks over his journal, huddled on the couch in house 36.]

I’m nine years old today.

[Actually he’s twenty-seven, but don’t tell him that. It’s a little depressing to be away from everyone you love on your birthday. Still, he’s Archie, and Archie can (almost) always cheer up.]
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[He'd won her a stuffed penguin. She'd been hanging on his arm and squeezing it with a giant grin on her face. Everything felt, finally, like it was going to be okay. Like this trouble between them since sleeping together was just a little thing.

He turns away to grab a strawberry daiquiri for her, still holding her hand. When he turns back, she's gone.

He wanders Lucetiland for a while, looking for her, shaking, still holding the drink, but he knows what's happened. When someone dematerializes while you are touching them...

She was just there, grinning, cheeks rosy. The warmth of her hand hasn't quite faded yet.

He sits on a bench in the middle of the park, staring into space, and nothing in the world draws his attention until, mechanically, he draws out his journal. He's shaking too badly to write, so he has to voice it, and he sounds weak.]

Dawn Summers was sent home.
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If anyone who has not already volunteered to take part in the comic sketches at the festival would like to do so, please let me know. You do not have to be a student.

To my students, remember, you will be graded based on participation and performance. If you have any questions or need additional help, please let me know.

-Mr. Kennedy

[Filtered to immediate family and their spouses 78%]

I was thinking of cooking something special tomorrow night, if you'd all like to join Jilly and me at our flat. Life has been madness trying to prepare for the festival. It would be refreshing to see everyone. If cooking turns into a complete disaster, we can all meet at Seventh Heaven instead.

That includes you, Kirsi, even if you don't eat.  We should very much like to see you.


[Filtered to Aerith 78%]

Would you like to meet me for coffee tonight?


[He'll get out of school earlyish today and be around town in various shops, the library, and pretty much anywhere else within reason.]
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