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[Archie is going to head into All Passions today, in desperate need of a dress uniform. When things are slow at work tonight, he'll speak a message.]

Is there anyone in the village who could perform a wedding? A priest or other official? I'm...getting married.

[He sounds a tad stunned about it, too. Even if it's been over a month since this was decided.]
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On July the 4th, 1776, one Horatio Hornblower was born in Kent.  If you see him, bid him many happy returns.  He will most likely grump about it all day and act ungrateful, but don't allow it to discourage you.  He does appreciate it, he simply does not know it.

[For most of the day, Archie will be running around trying to furnish a bedroom in the house for a new housemate. He'll end up in the library, Good Spirits, the grocery store, then finally the Battle Dome, mostly staring in bewilderment at the controls before deciding this is too scary and leaving. At some point, he'll also take a walk in the woods, rain or no rain, in shirtsleeves and waistcoat but no coat. After a while, he'll get back on the journals.]

[Filtered away from Grell, 44%]

If you wanted to surprise someone dear to you, to cheer her up when she returned from being kidnapped, what would you do for her?
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[Filtered to Dawn Summers: Fail%. Archie is not well-practiced at this.]


It's a bit late for St. Valentine's Day, with the experim but I wrote something for you. Tradition and all I couldn't do this last week, so I'm sending it to you this way. I hope the filter works. Here it is Keep in mind I'm no poet

Helena, the stars are brighter in your eyes than in the sky
Helena, the moonlight glowing in your skin is far less shy
Yet you laugh as if the world is small and you are woman-sized
Till I believe that nothing good within it can be compromised

Worth a laugh, at any rate You must think me a complete All the same, I have thought about

I should like to court you properly. If you like, that is. It's a lovely evening, and I shall be at the fountain. I hope to see you.




[OOC: And at the fountain he will be, holding a small package and looking like a nervous wreck.  Trolls welcome.]
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