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Archie Kennedy ([personal profile] simplestgift) wrote2000-01-05 05:00 am
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OOC POST: Permissions

Threadhopping with this character?: Love it. Just give me a warning, especially if we're in a private room or something. I've RPed in utter chaos for a long time.

Backtagging with this character?: Go ahead.

Hugging this character?: Please do. I mean it. He needs hugs. He's been on a ship since he was a kid, so he has no personal bubble.

Giving this character a kiss?: If you want to try, be my guest! If you're a dude, though, he will probably punch you. It's one of those things he files under "Not Funny" due to his background.

Something more intimate?: Basically, you're welcome to try whatever you like. That's part of RP. Groping is fine by me as long as it's not graphic, but Archie might have a different point of view. I'll go ahead and tell you you might have to build up to it slowly. Friendly intimacy is good. Sexual intimacy can be a very nervous place to go with him. Again, if you're a guy, he will react negatively. More negatively than with a kiss.

Relationships?: I'm not opposed to it, but I won't be trying to play matchmaker for him. We'll see what happens!

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): One of the beautiful things about RP is that anything can happen. Go ahead and take a swing if you feel like your character would do so in that situation. He's not much of a fighter, but he'll probably take the bait. He does not like being picked on.

Injury?: Sure. Nothing permanent, though.

Death?: I'm gonna say no to this one, unless the circumstances are VERY exceptional. This guy doesn't have a lot to lose, and considering how much trauma he's been through in canon, I'd like to cut him some slack.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: No. It's not that there aren't subjects he gets touchy about, but I certainly don't want to limit anyone. Touchy subjects are opportunities for RP.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?: He's very easy to make friends with, though his trust can be a little harder to earn. Don't mistake him for a backward 18th-century man with a military mindset. He's a likable guy, Neutral Good, who could become your most fiercely devoted friend. He may say a few insolent things or lapse into teenage immaturity (he grew up on a SHIP), but he's utterly harmless, spirited, witty, cheeky, passionate, funny, and warm. If you come to him for help, he will help you. Period. He'll make sure you don't get too serious, but he'll give you no false hope (he's secretly a pessimist). He doesn't make enemies as a rule, mostly because he's not threatening enough to be someone's enemy. He's harmless, but not naive. People haven't changed much since 1802, and he's seen and been through a lot.

Now, he's a forward thinker for his time, but his time was the turn of the 19th century, so...

Be aware as well that he's not the most emotionally stable person. He's quick to laugh and quick to anger, though he never stays angry long. If he has reason to be depressed, he doesn't generally do it halfway. Having been through psychological trauma out the wazoo, it's not out of the question for him to relapse a bit if circumstances tilt that way.

One last very important thing for Luceti: In spite of what some of his icons portray, he never wears that one hat anymore. Apparently the Luceti shops didn't bother to import it from his world. Oh well. He always thought it made him look a bit cross-eyed anyway.