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OOC: Luceti Character Relationships

Horatio Hornblower Hornblower
Archie's heterosexual life partner. This is the man who didn't just save Archie's life, but his will to live. In return, Archie gave up his good name to ensure Horatio's future. These are two men who will go to the depths of Hell for each other, even if they have no indication that they will come back. They have one of those friendships that has moved beyond the point of "they tell each other everything" and settled into that quiet assurance that they don't need to say anything. Since coming to Luceti, they've been airing out some issues that happened to creep up due to a critical time difference--Horatio comes from three years after Archie's death, so this time is difficult for him. Being with his friend again is a miracle, but it's keeping him from his known duty. The fact that Horatio struggles with this is a source of a lot of doubt for Archie. To say there's not also some level of emotional dependence would be rather naive. Archie loves Horatio more than anyone else in his life, as his friend, blood brother, and captain.
lawfully wedded
Elizabeth Swann Pirates of the Caribbean
They met when Elizabeth first turned up in Luceti and started accusing Horatio of abducting her. Archie admired her spirit even then. When they danced together at the Christmas ball, he knew he was falling for her. Over the course of the next few months, she asked him about courtship, and that's when they started telling each other absolutely everything. Nothing seems to scare her away. She's strong in the areas where he's weak, and vice versa. It started to become clear to Kennedy that he couldn't imagine not spending the rest of his life with her. For some reason, she said yes, and for some reason, she hasn't changed her mind.
dear friends
Jilly Coppercorn Newford Series
His best Luceti friend, and certainly the one he trusts the most, besides Horatio. They made friends very quickly when they first came to Luceti, and her artistic leanings are a source of fascination for him. There's a lot of mutual trust, and she's one of the few people who knows how he died. She puts him at ease in a way almost no one does, and he knows for certain that she will never, ever judge him. That's not something he has with anyone else he met in Luceti. In an AU event, they were twins, which sort of defined what was already there to begin with. Now, he considers her his sister, and it really has nothing to do anymore with that peculiar AU. They get each other.
Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean
This gets complicated. Initially, they clashed--swords and personalities both. But like it or not, they were the closest thing they had to someone from home for a long time, even separated as they are by almost a century, so Archie would drag him to the bar whenever he was feeling homesick so there was someone who knew the same songs he knows. After a time, Archie grew to like him a lot and even admire him despite himself, and he made a great drinking buddy from time to time. Now, they are great friends, and they will make real sacrifices for one another. Jack is the mentor of Archie's adventurous side, the part of him that would rather be Chaotic Good. However, Jack seems to be able to see into Archie in a way that frightens and angers him a little. Archie has tried to ignore his reservations, but they exist, and sometimes he can't help but be a little afraid of the pirate. They'll throw punches meant to hurt, they'll wrestle like little boys, they'll drink and sing, and they'll save each others' lives. It's fun.
Buffy Summers BTVS
They've sort of taken each other under each others' wings, both having experienced death. One of the deeper instant friendships Archie has made since coming to Luceti. While dating her sister, he had hella inadequacy fears around her, but since Dawn's departure they have grown much closer and he trusts her with a lot. They argue like siblings, and part of it is because they challenge each others' worldview so much. But as they fight and love, they discover more corners of a kindred spirit.
Leonard McCoy Star Trek XI
One of the nicer, more sensible doctors Archie has known in his life. Believe it or not. He reminds him of Horatio, if Horatio were grumpy and irascible for no reason all the time, so he treats him a little like an older brother. Which basically consists of mild trolling and a lot of cheering up. Being brothers in an AU event cemented their surrogate siblinghood.

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