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Thirty-Four Bells: [Voice]

 Perhaps the message from my superior was too subtle, but he would like to open the Britannia to anyone who would rather be away from the village if the threat the Malnosso have given should come to fruition.  He would like you to work, as we are short of crew, but work could mean practically anything from cooking to needlework to carrying buckets to hoisting, anything you can think of.  You needn't sign up as part of the crew.  We do have at least one cannon to provide some defense.

We sail tomorrow.  Any who wish to come aboard should be there by eight o'clock in the morning with whatever belongings you wish.  There is more than enough room.

[In other words, they're offering to take refugees.]
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[...She feels dumb for not realizing that this was the intention of the last post. It has struck her as weirdly too selfish for this time, but she passed it off - she's been that selfish to people before she's sure. But this makes more sense-]

I'll go for that.
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I can manage a lot of things for what you need me for - but good.
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[Refugees. Okay, that makes more sense to her now.]

I wish you luck, Archie.
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[She has no verbal response to this. But it warms her heart. It's good to see this kind of consideration, even with people she couldn't quite bring herself to completely trust. She'd attempt to take Masaomi on this, if she thought it wouldn't kill him to be that far away from Shikamaru while he was dealing with all these things. And she had other responsibilities.

Still, it makes her smile, and gives her something to be grateful for, in a week where her smiles have been rarer every day.]
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Short on crew? For those you are going to be going out with now, are you going to be able to handle the ship? Even if the Malnosso do some sort of shift to us? [You're taking Amelia out with you. He wants to be sure she'll be alright.]
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I'm sure, but back home you didn't have to deal with people that could suddenly turn you into a donut. [Let's just say the other week suuuuucked.]
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I suppose not. [Damn. It just seems so dangerous being on a boat in the middle of no where when a shift could happen. Then again, getting away from the village still seems like a good idea.] Just, I don't think Amelia can swim very well. So, keep an eye out for her if things get rough out there, will you?
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[No, it's not. As Vash assumes people who sail on water can swim in it.] Thank you. You guys be safe out there.
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We'll manage. I'm sure. So don't worry.
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How about non-refugees. Got any place for fighting men?

[because someone should be able to protect them...just in case this went wrong]
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Army. Rangers and Special Forces.
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Agent, actually. Seeley Booth.

My partner already volunteered to go along, I think.
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[to his credit, he doesn't flinch for even a moment at hearing that his captain is a woman]

Great. Then I'll see you in the morning.... [a long pause as he waits for a name]
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[it's brief and to the point, before he shuts his journal. He'll be there with Brennan, right on time]